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S E T U P S  &  M A I N T E N A N C E

Setting up your guitar and other stringed instrument is just as important for the student as it is for the professional. An instrument that is hard to play or doesnt sound the way it should can leave a student frustrated and can cause them to quit playing altogether.

For a professional it can mean the difference between a good gig or recording, and a great one. 


Are you experiencing sore fingers after playing for a short time? Is it hard to press down the strings? Do you experience a buzzing or muted sounds from the strings when playing? This could mean that your instrument is not setup correctly.


An instrument setup checks and adjusts the following:

  • nut height

  • neck relief - truss rod

  • saddle height

  • string intonation

  • Violins & Violas - Bridge fitting , nut adjustment, peg fitting, sound post refitting or adjustment 


As a part of the setup the following actions are also made:

  • Instrument clean

  • fret board clean and fret polish

  • String replacement - although optional it is highly recommended


A standard setup for any instrument costs $99. Strings, bridges, nut, etc. are addtional. 


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